How to use Forex Profit Defender to set Trailing Stops to other forex robots trades?

Many forex robots available in the forex market don't support trailing stop functionality. We all know how useful is to have this functionality in our forex robots. Trailing Stop means more security. It also means that the robot will protect every positive trade and there is no chance a trade in a good profit to become a losing trade.

New forex robot called Forex Profit Defender is available in our website

We would like to inform you that we have released a new forex robot (expert advisor) in our website. It is called Forex Profit Defender. Forex Profit Defender is available for downloading and testing for free. Registered users can immediately download and test it.

How to set correct GMT Offsert in Automated Forex Tools forex robots!

Due to Daylight Saving Time (DST) most of the brokerage companies changed their GMT offsets at the end of March with +1. All forex robots which have some time dependencies must be checked and their GMT settings must be corrected if needed.

How to trade manually with Forex Pulse Detector?

Actually Forex Pulse Detector is an automated trading expert advisor (forex robot). But thanks to its hybrid trading system it can be used also for manual trading. The good thing is that the robot will manage the manual trades automatically. This is a very big advantage because trades management is difficult and consume a lot of time. The robot can do it for the forex traders.

Version 4.6 of Dynamic Pro Scalper has been released!

We would like to inform you that a new version of Dynamic Pro Scalper is available in the member area for downloading. We have added three additional parameters which will let you precisely configure the robot to handle weekend gaps. You can control how the robot to handle trades on Monday morning and Friday.

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