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We have extended the period of Activation Codes.

Every forex robot available in our website can be activated by an Activation Code. The Activation Codes usually expire within 30 days. The user who want to continue using the robots have to go to the member area and generate new Activation Codes. Generating a new Activation Code is completely free. 

We are aware that it is difficult and time consuming to generate a new Activation Code every 30 days. We don't want to take from your time and make you do extra work.

Therefore we have decided to make the Activation Codes to expire as follow:

 - for demo licenses every 6 months (demo users)
 - for purchased licenses every 12 months (1 year)
We also would like to remind you that generating a new Activation Code is COMPLETELY FREE.

The new rules are valid from now on! Every code generated after 1st December, 2015 will have 6 months expiration time for demo licenses and 12 months expiration time for puchased licenses.
We will inform you when your codes are going to expire. The only thing you have to do is to log into your profile and generate a new code. That's all.

Our company is always open to new ideas and advices. This changes related to the Activation Codes were made by request of our users. If you think that you can suggest something different and better don't hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to listen to you.


Mon code ne marche pas ?

Dear Przylipiak Witold,
If you have any problems with your Activation Codes please contact our support team. They will be happy to help you.

i just registered,but i could not find my activation code,so where can i find it

Dear charly brown, To get your Activation code you have to log into your member area. If you don't have any robots in your profile then you have to visit robot's pages and click one of the buttons "Order now" or "Try demo". After that go back to the member area and you will find all you need.

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