Version 5.1 of Forex Trend Hunter has been released!

We are pleased to inform you that we have a new version (5.1) of the Forex Trend Hunter EA. There are two new things in it. The first and more important is that we have split the EA in 3 parts - each of the 3 supported pairs will have its own EA. We did this because we noticed that some traders do not use the appropriate set files for each pair, which consequently may result in poor performance. With the new version, it will not be necessary to load any set files. For example, you will be able to attach on the EURUSD pair only the EURUSD version of the EA. If you do it otherwise, an error will appear on your screen like this:

Watch out for this error because it may appear only once! It will not stop the EA, so keep your eyes opened where you attach the robot.

The other new thing in this new version is that we have added 2 new parameters - they allow you to adjust the EA trade BUY and SELL positions. You can choose to enable or disable the type of positions to be opened. The new parameters are called Allow_BUY and Allow_SELL. You can check them out in the picture below.


The new version of the EA is available for download in our member area. If there is anything which is unclear, feel free to contact  us at any time.

We wish you profitable trading!


Congratulations for the new version (5.1) Trend Hunter. Is it available for demo test ? If yes, do we have to delete the old version and download the new one ? Thank you.

Dear Chris,

Yes the new version 5.1 of Forex Trend Hunter is also available for demo test. You should remove the old version from the charts and attach the new one.

Two questions -
Is there a way to test this EA on any other pairs other than these 3?
If there is a tracking system in place, Why to regenerate code every 30 days. Any charge to get new activation code?

Yes there is an option to test Forex Trend Hunter on other pairs which are not supported. The activation codes now expire in 6 months for demo users and 12 months for users with purchased license. Generating a new activation code is completely free. The idea of the activation codes is to protect your profiles - additional security.

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