Version 4.5 of Dynamic Pro Scalper has been released!

We would like to inform you that a new version of Dynamic Pro Scalper is available in the member area for downloading.

You can upgrade to the new version 4.5 of Dynamic Pro Scalper at any time you want. Make sure that you don't have any open trades.


What's new in the version 4.5?

  • Two options which allow and disallow BUY and SELL orders from the settings of the robot. The parameters are called Allow_BUY and Allow_SELL. These parameters will allow users to precisely control the robots work.
  • A broker protection option. We have added a new parameter called HiddenMode. When it is enabled the robot will not set any SL and TP to the open trades. This way you will be protected from unfair brokers.
  • An option to let the robot close the trades on profit only or when the price hits the stop loss. The parameter is called Close_On_Profit. Dynamic Pro Scalper is equiped with advanced system which is developed to protect users accounts by closing the trades in small losses instead big losses when the market is going to chage its direction. We call this Advanced Close System. When Close_On_Profit option is enabled the Avanced Close System will be deactivated and the robot will let the trades to stay until positive results or when the price hits the SL.
  • We have also made some modifications in the robot's code to make it more secure during trading.


What to expect in future?

Our team of specialists developed an advanced recovery system for Dynamic Pro Scalper. We are testing this version at the moment. The first impressions and results are very good. We will continue with the tests until we are sure that it is completely secure for our users to use this Advanced Recovery System in their real money accounts.



  • Trade with a reasonable risk. Such risk is between 1% to 2%.
  • Choose a good broker with low spreads. Low spreads are always good for scalpers. For example ECN accounts have low spreads.
  • We strongly recommend to our users to make historical tests before to set any new settings on the robots. This will avoid making mistakes.
  • Watch your accounts regularly and if you ntoice something strange contact us immediately.

We wish very successfull trading to all our users.


Do you recommend to use the default settings for this version ? Dynamic scalper 4.5

Dear Ben Jamali,

There are .set files for each supported currency pairs. We recommend you to load these .set files for each pair. The .set files are placed in:

MT4 Data Folder -> MQL4 -> Presets

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